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Mealtimes with my baby

Created by BabyCenter

Your baby needs to eat solid foods when he is 6 months old. But he also still needs breastmilk.

As he grows older, he will need more food and a greater variety of food. But babies can be fussy eaters, and they can lose interest in food easily.

Here are some tips to make sure your baby eats well:

  • Feed him lots of tasty foods. Take your time. Sit and talk to him while he eats. Eating is a new skill for him, and he is learning.

  • If your baby refuses to eat, be patient. Do not force him. Do not give him sugar, or unhealthy foods. They have no goodness, and are bad for your baby.

  • Give him lots of colours, tastes and textures. As babies grow, their tastes change often. What your baby may hate now, he may love in a few weeks!

  • Make mealtimes fun. Make sure he is comfortable and that mealtimes are enjoyable for you both.

  • Make eye contact, smile and talk to him. Let his meals be a social time. It will help him to eat, and it will also help him learn social skills and new words.

  • If your baby is easily distracted while eating, take him to a quiet place and gently encourage him to eat.

02 April 2015