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10 months old

Created by BabyCenter

Your baby starts to understand simple words and phrases. Try repeating his words back to him, using adult language.

Slowly, he will learn to be independent, and will cry less when you leave him. But, sometimes, leaving him goes badly and there will be tears! If he has something that smells of you, like clothes you have worn, it will help him to settle.

At this age, your baby may sit confidently and may walk while he holds onto furniture. He may even let go for a second and stand without support, or even take a few steps if you hold his hands.

Around this age, your baby will learn to hand-feed himself an entire meal. He will want to drink from a cup. This is a new skill, and he will need to practice for a few months to learn how!

Your baby can understand simple instructions now. But this doesn’t mean he will always pay attention to the word ‘no’! He will understand ‘no’ better if it is mainly used to help him learn the difference between right and wrong, and safe and unsafe.

10 October 2014