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3 months old

Created by Baby Center

Your baby is getting more flexible. He may enjoy opening and closing his fingers, or clapping his hands.

Your baby's sense of humour is developing, too. A tickle or a noisy kiss on his tummy is likely to make him chuckle.

Right from birth, your baby loves to be touched. It is important for his growth and development. A massage after a bath or a nice long cuddle before bed will be good for both of you.

Just playing helps your baby's brain grow. As his brain develops, he is getting more curious. He may play with a small toy that he can hold and shake about. He will be learning about colour, shape and size, too. He also learns from the noise a toy makes and from feeling if it is soft or hard.

Your baby will start to giggle and smile when you make funny faces and he will enjoy lots of silliness. He will also enjoy hearing lots of sounds. Click your tongue, whistle or copy animal noises. He will love it.

10 October 2014