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How to have a safe birth

Created by BabyCenter

It is safest, and recommended, to give birth in a health facility, where there is help if there are problems.

If you cannot have your baby at a health facility, here is how to have a safe birth.

  • Plan to have a skilled birth attendant with you. She will help you to give birth safely and she will do what is necessary if there is a problem.

  • Make sure you have her phone number so you can call her in an emergency.

  • Have ambulance and taxi numbers ready and make sure you have enough airtime on your phone.

  • Make sure your family knows how to contact the birth attendant when it is time.

  • Make sure you have a birth kit ready. Your birth attendant may bring a birth kit. It will contain a plastic sheet, gloves, clean string and tools for cutting your baby's cord. All these items are important for a clean, safe birth.

If you cannot get a birth kit, find a clean sheet to have your baby on and 2 cloths, one to dry your baby and one to wrap her in. Have 2 pieces of string, a clean, sharp knife or a clean pair of scissors ready. Your attendant must wash her hands and you must wash between your legs. Get plenty of clean, boiled water and soap ready.

02 April 2015