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Is your house smoky?

Created by BabyCenter

Breathing in smoke is harmful for you and your baby.

If your house is smoky, let in as much fresh air as possible. Open lots of windows and doors. This will help. Explain to other people what effect their smoking will have on your baby growing inside you.

Stay away from smoke. Smoke can make you weak and sick. Open the windows, if your house gets too smoky from cooking. If you live in a cold area where opening doors and windows is not possible, try to stay in the least smoky part of the house.

Ask family and friends to smoke outside.

You could also try some of these ideas:

  • Move your stove outside if you can, so less smoke goes in the house

  • Use LPG, electricity or a kerosene cooker if possible

  • Make your stove about waist height so you do not have to lean over the fire and breathe in smoke while cooking

  • Using a lid will keep the heat inside the pot, and you can reduce cooking time, so you will breathe in less smoke

  • Soak food before cooking to reduce cooking time

  • Mopping the floor can reduce the amount of dust you breathe in.

31 March 2015