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Breastmilk combats HIV
Breast is best if you are living with HIV
02 April 2015
Breastmilk is all she needs
So feed only breastmilk for 6 months
02 April 2015
How to take care of your baby’s cord
Keep the cord stump clean and dry
02 April 2015
How to cut your baby’s cord
Use clean equipment
02 April 2015
How to keep my baby warm?
Dry him, hold him, cover him quickly
02 April 2015
Your first milk is the best
First breastmilk is a precious gift
02 April 2015
Hold your newborn close!
Keep him warm against your skin
02 April 2015
Your new baby
A whole new world for your baby
07 October 2014
1 month old
Look into your baby’s eyes, Mom!
10 October 2014
3 months old
Your baby loves to play
10 October 2014